Complete 1 task a day for 10 days.

Good marketing requires consistently executing and evaluating communications. The Win More 10-Day Challenge is a quick way to ramp up your marketing with the perfect mix of thought and action. It’s a process we refer to as Plan as You Grow. Each weekday, Jan. 22 to Feb. 2, you are encouraged to do 1 task. New tasks will be added as the challenge progresses. 

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It is much easier to be successful if you know what success looks like. If this isn’t something tracked in your department, ask someone who knows.

If you have to wait for an answer look at last year’s performance indicators or your website and social media views to get started.

Website is the obvious one, but it’s easy to overlook all the places the organization’s message is constantly present. Each social media platform has a static profile. A company’s Google profile has a huge impact on visitors. 

Many organizations can also take advantage of industry platforms and associations the employees belong to. If you are paying for membership, you should be taking advantage of all the perks. 

Whether you are selling products, serving clients, or seeking funding, it is important to understand their needs. Take a few minutes to set up a lunch or a call. It’s a great way to learn about what one of your ideal clients is currently facing. To serve them well you need to understand what is most frustrating for them at the moment. 

Your customers have options. Google from an incognito browser to see what’s available to them. It’s much easier to stand out when you understand what you are up against.

Your organization has about 3 seconds to catch a website viewer’s attention. The best way to do it is to start with the main problem you solve.

Finding new customers is tough. Is there something you can offer current customers? Consider upgrades, product bundles, and solutions to common problems multiple clients have complained about.

A totally free way to generate leads is to write solutions to customer problems and make it available to people who leave their email on your website.

Call one to check in.

It is much easier to stay in touch if you know who to follow up with. If you don’t have a list of referral sources start one. If you do, reach out to someone on that list today.

It is very hard to market to people you don’t understand. Schedule an in-person meeting with a favorite customer. Then, get to know service professionals like bankers, builders, accountants, or attorneys who also work with your idea clients.

Random acts of marketing confuse customers. Be intentional about your messaging and your campaigns. Be sure to block time to stay on track. If you want to be part of a group of professionals working together to stay on track, check out the Power-up Groups page of this website.

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