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It’s easy for business leaders to fall prey to the marketing tactic of the week, constantly spinning their wheels as revenues bounce from feast to famine. The alternative is planned growth with lead indicators that flag early pipeline performance in time to offset fluctuations. 

C.Green & Associates has strategy consultants and fractional CMO teams to help businesses streamline operations and drive predictable revenue growth without hiring additional staff. We are part of the Duct Tape Marketing network which uses the Strategy 1st system in thousands of businesses worldwide to build lead generation programs and consistently draw ideal clients.

Strategy 1st Engagements Include:

  • Three 90-minute meetings with your staff (kickoff, midpoint and strategy presentation).  
  • An online presence audit benchmarked against 2 competitors.
  • Interviews with clients, referral sources, or a focus group to gain insight on customer journey and current reputation in the community or the industry.
  • Recommendations on tactics for the best return on investment. 

The deliverable is a 90-day action plan to deliver quick wins along with a roadmap of tactics and key milestones for long-term success. 

Develop Strategy

 Random acts of marketing waste money and confuse customers. Get the support you need to plan and implement sustainable campagins.

Manage Projects

Growth transitions are tough. We can help you set up, automate, and keep project management systems organized so your whole team works faster.

Manage Creatives

Today’s digital marketing requires a diverse range of skills. We can coordinate your team, do the work, or find the outside vendors needed.

Increase Sales

Marketing is an investment that needs to increase sales. If you can’t document that it is, hire C.Green & Associates to develop a system that will. 

Get Things Done

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