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Good communication is the key to success in any business. If you need an extra set of hands, a team of creatives, or experienced council to help you generate more support for your organization, click below to learn about our most popular services.

Do you have the communications tools needed to build your business? C.Green & Associates, Inc. can help you develop and manage the written materials, online programs, and management apps you need to tackle projects, implement marketing systems, and unite your team. 

Few organizations can do everything at once. Our signature tool is a marketing map that helps clients identify priorities. We also have checklists and templates to make your life easier, and our team has worked with a wide variety of software and project management systems. 

With the right tools you will feel more organized and in control.

First Step: Identify where you are and what you need.

     Marketing Map $250
     Total Online Presence Audit (TOPA) $1,500

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Stop doing more and start doing better.  With more than 20 years of experience, C.Green & Associates can help you level up. Our specialty is helping privately owned businesses in the $1-5 million gross revenue range plan revenue growth to fund team development. 

Using the internationally proven Strategy 1st system, CGA develops customized plans with performance indicators to provide a roadmap for success (and early indicators for trouble). Developing systems can help owner-operators pass off marketing responsibilities in order to focus on their own priorities. 

With the right support, your company grows more smoothly and organically.

Entry point:

     Marketing Map $250 or
     Strategy 1st Review and Custom Plan $7,500

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Power-up groups are small communities of executive-level professionals tackling big challenges together. Members share goals and support each other in achieving them. 

CGA provides checklists, templates, and tactics for outreach. Group support and accountability calls are held monthly. Individual strategy meetings take place quarterly.

Power-up Groups help you stay on track.

Entry point:
     Marketing Map $250

    Ongoing Cost $300 a month (included at no additional charge with most service retainers).

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