Power-up Groups

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Power-up Groups keep you on track

It’s hard to maintain perspective when you are working in the trenches. Power-up groups are small communities of executive-level professionals tackling similar challenges. These groups share challenges and provide each other encouragement, support, and new ideas.

Launching an online class, app, or hub

A support group for service providers and educators taking their products to a wider audience by developing an app, launching an online class, or setting up a regional hub.

Non-profit Power-ups

A support group for executive directors, boards officers, and health or mental health professionals who want to build program participation, share their mission, and win support for services or development. 

Referral Power-ups

Support groups for owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals that have reached capacity and need written materials or automated lead generation so they can focus on closing sales.


Your simple formula for success


Monthly calls

Learn best practices and what is currently working for other organizations.


Simple task lists

Get checklists, tools, and help defining priorities to address challenges in your own organization.

Support and accountability

Receive encouragement, feedback, and keep each other accountable to meet goals. 


Sept. 10, 2024


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